Sideswipe Season 9 Update Patch for Rocket League Notes

Sideswipe Season 9 Update Patch for Rocket League Notes

A mobile version of the well-known car soccer game Rocket League, called Rocket League Sideswipe. It has two-minute long 1v1 or 2v2 matches in a 2D environment. Free to play and regularly updated with new features and content. In this article we will discuss Sideswipe Season 9 Update Patch for Rocket League Notes, and also know as New Content, Changes and Updates.

Season 9 of Rocket League Sideswipe, the most recent update, will launch on June 1st, 2023. A new arena, a new game mode, a new rocket pass, and other exciting new additions to the game are all part of this update. Here are the patch notes for this update in detail:

New Content

Season 9 Rocket Pass

A new way to get rewards and personalize your vehicle is with the Season 9 Rocket Pass. In addition to new cars, decals, wheels, boosts, goal explosions, and other items, there are 70 tiers of items to unlock. You can progress through the tiers by playing matches and earning XP. The rocket pass has two tracks: free and premium. The free track offers some basic items that anyone can get, while the premium track offers more exclusive and rare items that require credits to access. The premium pass costs 1000 credits and the bundle pass costs 2000 credits, which also unlocks the first 12 tiers instantly. Some of the highlights of the Season 9 Rocket Pass are:

  • Neon Racer: A brand-new automobile with a sleek, futuristic design. It has a distinctive neon glow decal that alters color based on your team.
  • Cyber Wheels: A new set of wheels that have a cyberpunk style. They have spinning rims and glowing spokes that match your car’s color.
  • Plasma Boost: A new boost that emits a stream of plasma behind your car. It has a high-pitched sound and a bright trail that looks like lightning.
  • Hologram Goal Explosion: A new goal explosion that creates a holographic projection of your car when you score. It has a sci-fi sound and a cool animation that shows your car spinning and exploding.

New Arena: Neon City

Neon City is a new arena that takes place in a futuristic cityscape with neon lights and skyscrapers. It has a dark and urban vibe that contrasts with the bright colors of the cars and the ball. The arena has some unique features, such as:

  • Moving Traffic: Vehicles are traveling on the roads that run beneath the field and arena. Through the glass floor, they can be seen, and occasionally they honk or flash their lights.
  • Billboards: There are several billboards in the arena that feature advertisements for various Rocket League Sideswipe-related goods and services. Some of them are dynamic and alter based on the outcome or amount of time left in the game.
  • Helicopters: Helicopters hover over the arena, follow the ball with spotlights and sometimes drop confetti or fireworks when a goal is scored.

New Game Mode: Hoops

Hoops is a new game mode that is inspired by basketball. In this mode, players have to score by dunking the ball into a hoop instead of a goal. The hoop is located above the ground and has a backboard behind it. The ball is smaller and lighter than usual, which makes it easier to dribble and shoot. The mode has some special rules, such as:

  • No Goalies: Since goalies would be useless against high-flying shots, there aren’t any in this mode. To defend their hoop, players must instead rely on their aerial prowess and teamwork.
  • No Offside: Since there are no lines on the field in this mode, there is no offside rule. As long as they don’t impede the other team’s play, players are free to set up wherever they please.
  • No Overtime: Since it would be difficult to break a tie with such tiny targets, there is no overtime in this mode. The game ends in a draw if the score is tied at the end of regulation time.
  • You can play hoops in casual and ranked playlists, as well as in private and exhibition matches. It supports 1v1 or 2v2 formats.

New Items

Other sources, such as …, can offer some new items in addition to the ones from the rocket pass.

  • Seasonal Challenges: There are brand-new seasonal challenges that grant rewards for achieving particular game objectives or milestones. New decals, wheels, boosts, banners, and titles are a few of these rewards.
  • Shop: A brand-new store now offers a variety of goods for credits or tokens. New cars, stickers, wheels, boosts, goal explosions, and other items are a few of these.
  • Events: The game periodically introduces brand-new events. These events provide specialized playlists or modes with special rules or modifiers. Additionally, some of these occasions provide special gifts or prizes for taking part or winning.

Changes and Updates

Performance Improvements

The update improves the game’s performance and stability on all devices, especially on lower-end ones. Some of the improvements include:

  • Optimized graphics: The update lowers some of the settings or effects that are not necessary for gameplay to lessen the graphics load on the device. This decreases lag or stuttering and improves the frame rate.
  • Network Optimization: By compressing some of the data or messages the device sends or receives, the update enhances the network code and lowers bandwidth usage. This improves the connection quality and reduces ping or packet loss.
  • Memory Optimization: The update reduces the amount of memory used by releasing caches or resources that are not required for gameplay. This speeds up loading and cuts down on crashes and errors.

UI Improvements

The update reworks the user interface to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. Some of the changes include:

  • New Home Screen: With the update, a new home screen is available that provides quick access to the modes, garage, rocket pass, and shop. Additionally, it displays some helpful data like your level, rank, credits, tokens, and notifications.
  • New Match Summary Screen: The update adds a new match summary screen that, at the conclusion of each match, displays comprehensive stats and rewards. Additionally, you can party up with, rate, and rematch your teammate.
  • New Settings Menu: The update adds a new settings menu with more options for customizing the game’s controls, graphics, audio, camera, and other features.

Balance Changes

The update adjusts some of the game’s mechanics and values to make it more balanced and fair. Some of these changes include:

  • Improved Ball Consistency and Predictability: The update improves ball consistency and predictability by reducing the ball’s bouncing and friction. As a result, passing the ball without losing too much speed or direction is made simpler.
  • Speed and Acceleration of the Car Increased: The update gives the car a faster top speed and more acceleration to make it more nimble and responsive. This makes it simpler to pursue and grab the ball without falling behind or being outwitted.
  • Some Cars’ Hitboxes and Physics Were Modified: The update improved the balance and realism of some cars’ hitboxes and physics. This made them suitable for various playstyles or scenarios without giving them an excessively overpowered or underpowered feel. 

Bug Fixes

The update fixes various bugs and glitches that affected the game’s functionality or quality Some of these fixes include:

  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to lose their progress and items This bug occurred when players switched devices or logged out of their accounts The update restores their data and compensates them with some credits or tokens
  • A loading screen bug made some players get stuck when they joined matches or changed modes or playlists. The update fixed this issue and let them enter matches normally.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to experience lag and disconnects This bug occurred when players had poor network conditions or encountered server issues The update improves this situation and provides better matchmaking and error handling
  • The update fixed a bug that made some players see incorrect or missing textures. Players with low graphics settings or insufficient memory had this bug. The update also improved memory management and graphics quality, resolving this issue.
  • An issue that caused some players to hear distorted or missing sounds has been fixed. Players with low audio settings or incompatible equipment experienced this bug. This flaw is fixed, and the update also boosts compatibility and audio quality.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in crashes or errors for some players. Players who had corrupted files or out-of-date versions experienced this bug. The update avoids this problem and guarantees security and stability.

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