Top Drives Turns Five – A film about the car cards racing game

Top Drives Turns Five - A film about the car cards racing game

In the game Top Drives, you gather car cards. They can be raced against other players. The creator of the game is Hutch Games. For the game’s fifth birthday, a movie was created. The movie’s working title is “Top Drives: 5 Years In The Making.” It displays their game-making process. It has interviews with the people who made the game. It also has fans and influencers who like the game.

The film shows some of the things that make the game fun, such as:

  • Over 3400 actual automobiles from manufacturers like Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, and others
  • Evo Magazine’s real car statistics for realistic racing
  • There are numerous tasks and games to play every day.
  • various competitions on various roads and tracks
  • Each card features lovely images of cars.

A game for everyone who loves cars and racing

For those who enjoy driving and racing, there is Top Drives. For each race, you must select the best vehicles. You have to think about things like weather, track type, speed, handling, and grip.

Your automobiles can be improved as well. You can alter the decals, colors, and parts. Your automobiles can look cool.

Play that involves cooperation is another option. Competitors online can be your friends or other players. You can talk to other players by joining clubs. In club competitions, you can team up to win unique vehicles and other prizes.

A game that keeps getting better with new things

Top Drives is a game that keeps getting better with new things. The game adds new cars and brands often. New racing venues and tracks are also added in the game. The game also has new game modes and features. One of them is PVP Challenge Leagues. You can play against other players and get rewards based on how well you do.

The game also listens to its players. In order to improve the experience for all players, the game pays attention to their feedback. In addition, the game has a YouTube channel called “The Top Drives Show”. On this channel, the people who make the game talk about new things, answer questions, give tips and talk to the fans.

A game that is worth celebrating

The video game Top Drives deserves praise. Both critics and users have given it favorable reviews. It received an Editors’ Choice award on Google Play Store and has received over 392K 4.4-star reviews. It has more than 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store alone.

France, Germany, and the UK have TV commercials for the game as well. The game can be seen and played by more people. The game also works with car brands and magazines to promote the game and give more content to the players.

If you are a fan of car culture and racing passion, you will love Top Drives. It is a fun and easy game that you can play on your Android or iOS device. Furthermore, it is free to download and play. Therefore, if you are looking for a new card-collecting game with cars and racing, you should try Top Drives today.


A movie has been released by the card game Top Drives to mark its fifth anniversary. For both car enthusiasts and casual players, the game has many features that make it enjoyable and captivating. Additionally, the game keeps getting better thanks to fresh content and user feedback. As a result, Top Drives is a game that deserves recognition and celebration for its achievements and innovations in the mobile gaming industry.

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