Clan Games: Clash of Clans May 2023 Event Details

Clan Games Clash of Clans May 2023 Event Details

Clash of Clans is a well-known strategy game where players construct their own villages and engage in battles and other contests with other clans. One of the most exciting events in the game is the Clan Games, which give players different rewards for finishing tasks and challenges. In this article, we will explain Clan Games: Clash of Clans May 2023, how they work, and what are the benefits of participating in them.. Moreover, we will provide some tips and tricks on how to make the most of them and maximize your rewards.

What are Clan Games?

To participate in the Clan Games, clan members need to complete various tasks and challenges that are randomly assigned. In 2023, the seven-day Clan Games will take place every month from May 22 to May 28. During this event, clan members can take part in a variety of tasks and challenges that involve attacking enemy strongholds, donating troops, demolishing structures, casting spells, and more.

The more challenges a player completes, the more points they earn for themselves and their clan. Each challenge has a point value that depends on its difficulty and duration. Players can earn 4000 points per Clan game to get the bonus rewards. The points of all clan members unlock different tiers of rewards. Once a clan reaches a certain tier, any clan member who did one challenge can claim the rewards from that tier.

What are the rewards for Clan Games?

Six tiers of rewards are offered for participating in Clan Games, and each tier requires a certain number of points to access. Resources, potions, books, runes, hammers, and gems are among the rewards. In addition to choosing one reward from each tier that their clan has attained, players have the option of paying 50 gems to receive an additional reward from any tier.

The rewards for each tier are as follows:

  • Tier 1 (3000 points): 20% Builder Boost (x1), 10% Gold Boost (x1), 10% Elixir Boost (x1), or 20 Gems
  • Tier 2 (7500 points): Training Potion (x2), Research Potion (x2), Power Potion (x2), or 40 Gems
  • Resource Potion (x1), Builder Potion (x1), Hero Potion (x1), or 60 Gems (12000 points). 
  • Tier 4 (18000 points): Book of Building (x1), Book of Fighting (x1), Book of Spells (x1), or 80 Gems
  • Tier 5 (30000 points): Rune of Gold (x1), Rune of Elixir (x1), Rune of Dark Elixir (x1), or 100 Gems
  • Hammer of Building (x1), Hammer of Fighting (x1), Hammer of Spells (x1), or 120 Gems (50000 points).

How to make the most of Clan Games?

Clan Games are a great opportunity to get some valuable items and resources that can help players progress faster in the game. 

  • Pick challenges based on your preferences and play style. For instance, if you like to attack a lot, choose challenges that require you to cast spells or destroy buildings. Choose challenges that offer loot bonuses or resource potions if you prefer to farm resources.
  • Plan ahead and work with your clanmates. If you collaborate with other members of your clan, you can complete some tasks more quickly or more easily. You could, for instance, attack the same base more than once or trade troops or spells with your opponents. To avoid duplicating challenges or losing points, you can also communicate with your clan via clan chat or the discord server.
  • Make wise use of your books and potions. Use clan game prizes to boost your progress. Books and potions can help you upgrade or attack faster. Use them wisely.
  • For the extra reward, save your gems. For 50 gems, you can choose a bonus reward from any tier. This can help you get a rare or expensive item that you missed. For instance, you can get a rune of dark elixir or a hammer for fighting for 50 gems instead of paying more in the shop.


In conclusion, Clan Games are enjoyable competitions that give players the chance to better their village and clan. To sum up, this guide can help you maximize Clan Games. We hope this article was useful. Thank you for reading and have fun clashing!

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